African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church

December 11, 2016

Our Heritage

Zion Methodism grew out of the merciless enslavement of our African forefathers. They were kidnapped from their native land, chained, shackled, and shipped as beasts in deplorable conditions to a strange and distant land, having no family, no culture and no language. Yet, our fathers and mothers were comforted by the Lord God, through Jesus Christ, in the cotton fields and every place of their humiliation and degradation revealing to them that He would always be with them as He had been with them in the past. When Jesus, upon whom the Spirit of the Lord had descended, was preached at John Street Methodist Church, they united with that fellowship. However, bigotry and oppressively cruel barriers confronted them. The Spirit of the Lord led them in the establishment of Zion Chapel (which later became The Mother Church of Zion Methodism) where the gospel of His redeeming grace could be experienced. Taking with them the doctrines, discipline, and polity of The Methodist Church, they proceeded in the establishment of Zion Methodism. They believed that God had called them out of their bondage and had chosen them to be His people and a channel of His redeeming love for all people. 

Friendship Missionary Baptist Church

December 11, 2016

History of Friendship

Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, Charlotte, NC was organized in 1890. Forty members of First Baptist Church, located at 1021 S. Church St., withdrew their membership by letter and, under the leadership of Rev. Allen Lewis, organized a new church. Sis. Rosa Watson offered the name FRIENDSHIP, taken from the historic Friendship Baptist Church of Atlanta.

For quite a while, these 40 people met in different homes, carrying on services, until a lot was leased on S. Caldwell, and a small structure began to take form. Soon after moving into their new location, the growth of the church was so rapid that this space soon became inadequate. A new site was soon found at the corner of E. First and S. Brevard Streets.

In addition to Rev. Lewis, Friendship has been blessed with eleven God loving and outstanding pastors prior to Pastor Jones. During this period, the Friendship family grew and moved to our current location at 3301 Beatties Ford Rd. in July, 1970. Immediately before Pastor Jones was called to Friendship, Rev. Colemon W. Kerry, Jr. served untiringly for thirty-three years as pastor of the Friendship family. God called him from this life on Dec. 30, 1981.

St. Paul Baptist Church

December 11, 2016

Our History

April 27, 1900  -  St. Paul Baptist Church was organized when a few people of the Primitive Baptist denomination made the decision to become affiliated with the Missionary Baptist.  This group came together and worshipped in a house located on Crockett Street in Charlotte, North Carolina.

1908 to 1915 - During 1908, they purchased a church at 915 East First Street and in 1915, Rev. P. M. Mayfield became the minister of the St. Paul congregation.  When he retired, the church membership numbered over 1,000.

July 1950 - Dr. James F. Wertz was called to St. Paul while the church was still located on First Street.  Under his leadership, the congregation grew rapidly and plans were made to construct a new church building.  Construction began at 515 South McDowell Street in October 1949, and the St. Paul congregation moved into a new church.

1951 - Remembered as the first year the the Sunday morning service of the church began being broadcast live over the radio station WGIV.  St. Paul was one of the first churches in Charlotte to have a radio ministry.

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